Matthew Day Jackson: Total Accomplishment

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The work of Matthew Day Jackson opens up a dialogue between various aspects of the history of Western culture and progress, including technology and pop culture, as well as art history and philosophy. Through a variety of art forms – sculpture, painting, installation, photography, and video – Jackson's technically complex works condense historical facts into a deeply descriptive aesthetic fabric.

In a continuous confrontation with American history, the artist challenges firmly established perspectives of the world with a unique combination of ingenuity and craft. In the form of an artistic debate on the substance and future of the American Dream, Jackson weaves its aftereffects into his works. In this process, the artist's self-mythologization invariably lies at the core of his wide-ranging modes of production, thus contextualizing the physicality and destructive results of the human power of invention.

This publication is the most extensive monograph on the work of the artist to date. Large-format images provide an overview of Jackson's work and show the development of his multilayered practice from 2003 until today. Featuring essays and interviews by internationally renowned authors, the book offers rich insight into various aspects of Matthew Day Jackson's prolific oeuvre.

Author / Editor:
Andreas F. Beitin and Martin Hartung (Eds.)
270 depicted works, over 400 reproductions
Language: English
424 p.
ISBN 978-3-95476-058-9
Publishing house, place: Distanz, Berlin

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