Ten Paths to a Collection

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Ten Paths to a Collection is a long-awaited publication that presents the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation's collections. Alongside the collection's art historical gems, it shows lesser-known, surprising art from different eras. The book comprises 170 images and almost hundred artists, whose works have been included in the collection.

The Serlachius industrialist family began collecting art more than a century ago. The core of the collection, which now consists of thousands of artworks, comprises classic works from the 16th century onwards. The collection is completed by Impressionist and early Modernist paintings along with contemporary art from Finland and abroad, which have been selectively added in recent years.

The book has been edited by Tarja Talvitie, Head of Collections at the Serlachius Museums. Leena Ahtola-Moorhause, Kirsi Eskelinen, Tarja Haikara, Helena Hänninen, Laura Kuurne, Tomi Moisio, Virpi Nikkari, Helena Sederholm, Pauli Sivonen, Tarja Talvitie, Minna Tuominen, Minna Turtiainen, Timo Valjakka and Nina Zilliacus have contributed to the book with their expert articles.

Graphic design: Minna Luoma, Candy Graphics
Photo editing: Leena Leiman and Teemu Källi
Publisher: Parvs Publishing Ltd.
Printed by Bookwell Ltd, Porvoo, March 2018
272 pages

Serlachius Museums' Publications 47
ISBN 978-952-7226-11-7

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